About us

Welcome to your online marketing rescue.

long beach dental ppcOne of the reasons we founded Proactive SEO Solutions is that we saw too many practices paying exorbitant prices – Up to $2,500 a month! – for search engine optimization services that just didn’t produce much in the way of real results. Or paying $500 a month for online review sites that don’t offer any personal attention.

We didn’t think it was fair – and with our search engine expertise, we knew we could offer better.

We understand dental and medical practices inside and out, including the challenges they can face and what brings a new client through the door.

We also understand search engines.  We use our extensive expertise to put together an aggressive short-term plan to drive your website higher in search results, usually within 6–8 months. But we’re not done there. We also work on long-term strategies to keep or improve your new visibility.

We’ve even developed proprietary methods to stay ahead of the constantly changing search engine algorithms. Most services let your ranking drop when the algorithms are recalibrated and then react – we’ve already worked ahead to keep you right where you are. When you work with us, you will have the security of knowing that we’re constantly pushing to help your business grow.

Most important, we want to understand you and your practice. We know that our success isn’t from Web expertise alone; it’s because we build personal relationships with our clients to make sure we’re truly serving their needs. If you’d like to see how effective our services are, check out some of our testimonials. We think happy clients are the ultimate proof of results.

If you think you might be trapped in a marketing deal that just isn’t working for you, give us a call. We think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at what we can do for you.